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Medallic Acoustics

Medallic Acoustics originated from a broadly defined hobby, a great passion for music and the special emotion that can be experienced when listening, but especially from the results achieved in the search for the method to realize a high-quality music reproduction with a sound character as natural as possible.
The approach is mainly to let speakers and associated equipment be heard by various music lovers and to be of significance to those who find a pleasant connection with them.

Every listener has his own, unique wish with regard to the experience of sound.
Medallic Acoustics would like to contribute to achieving the optimal situation.
For one, a subdued sound image is too boring and then someone may prefer a sound with a lot of dynamics and detail, while the other tires it out and therefore cannot listen relaxed.
A neutral reproduction in which all facets are present in the right proportions is pleasant for most listeners, but some fine tuning is often required to introduce your own preferences.
This fine-tuning is possible through an accurate choice of the various components of an audio set, but above all: which combination is the best.

The components are not only the devices and loudspeakers, but also include acoustic materials, audio furniture, cabling and accessories such as better wall sockets and an audiophile fuse in the meter cupboard.
Medallic Acoustics would like to investigate with which step(s) the best contributing results are achieved and can provide all components that make up an audio system at the customer's request.

The component that determines the sound character most is the loudspeaker. That is why the loudspeaker is actually the first step in the search for a desired sound.