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     meets emotion
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                  Musicality is the                        benchmark


Medallic Acoustics focuses on possibilities and not on limitations. That is why drivers and materials are chosen that allow you to get as much out of a loudspeaker as possible. These components are selected for their good properties. This makes the best combinations.
Important fine-tuning takes place during the development of the crossover filter. Values ​​of the components for the filter are precisely determined for the most beautiful, natural and coherent sound.

The loudspeaker is meant to be listened to, so the loudspeaker is completed for 100% if the emotion in the music can be experienced and voices and instruments are reproduced as faithfully as possible.

Years of experience have taught how this can be achieved. Many different concepts, according to various principles, preceded the final models of Medallic Acoustics. This has resulted in design principles with as many advantages as possible and as few disadvantages as possible, in short: a good base for an audio set.

The name Medallic Acoustics was not chosen at random either. The speaker should, as it were, earn a medal.
When the loudspeaker is completed and meets the predetermined requirements, the medal, or Medallic Acoustics brand plate, is applied.